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Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Looking for a great way to have fun, stay in shape, and improve your golf game over those long winter months? As golfers, we are always sad to see the season come to an end. But it doesn’t have to! Get ready for next year’s season, and enjoy playing golf year-round. Keep those competitive juices flowing, and your game sharp.

How does our league work? The Squamish indoor golf league allows you to play your rounds any time during our regular hours of operation, Monday - Friday. After each round, scores are posted online, and your stats are tracked throughout the league for all members to view. Register as a single, get a group of friends together, or keep golfing over the winter with your loved one and make it a weekly date night! Our indoor golf league is a great way to enjoy a little fun and competition with fellow golf lovers, while enjoying playing on 200+ courses.

What if you’ve never played indoor golf? Thinking about joining an indoor golf league, but have never played indoor golf? No problem! We always suggest booking a few tee times or getting some experience playing indoor golf prior to playing your first league event. Playing indoor golf is similar to playing golf outdoors, but there are some significant differences. Chipping and distance control are all about feel, and when playing indoors, you don’t see and experience the distance as you would when you play golf outside. Also, there is no sand and rough, which many do find helpful. However, our TrackMan simulators act like your personal caddie, informing you of the percentage of distance loss that may occur from a penalty lie.

You will also need to get accustomed to swinging your clubs indoors. The common tendency is to slow down your swing in the beginning, losing distance. However, within 3-4 rounds, you will get back to swinging more naturally.

Start your own golf league?

Want to start your own league, continue a summer league, or start a league with friends? We’ll make it happen!

Simply contact us to let us know how many golfers will be joining your league, and whether you want to play at the same time every week or leave it open and book your day and time each week.

Your players will enjoy our massive collection of over 200 courses, on our best-in-class TrackMan Simulator

For more details please email us or call in and see why Squamish Indoor Golf is the preferred indoor location for a great virtual golf experience!

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